Peak Demand Automation

Zone your lights with standard motion detectors!


The PDA Zone/motion dimmer has adjustments for both full brightness and for occupancy based dimming brightness.

Spaces may be overlit, either due to design, reallocation of space use, or by using older lighting design standards appropriate to spaces dominated by paperwork without computers. LED lighting can make matters worse, as high efficiency LEDs can increase the light on the workspace to unnecessarily high levels.

The motion dimmer can save up to 80% of the electric power required to runs lights by dimming if there is no occupancy and by reducing to appropriate levels during occupied periods.

It is compatible with most 0-10V dimming ballasts or LED power supplies. (Make sure that dimming is done with 0-10 V. NOT compatible with line or triac dimmers)

It is compatible with most manual and motion occupancy switches, which can be used in conjunction to maximize savings. It is also compatible with existing 0-10V wall dimmers, which connect via the external switch terminal. The motion dimmer sends the lowest (dimmest) signal to the ballast.

Turn any fluorescent or LED zone into a money saving
occupancy based dimming zone using a standard off the shelf motion detector.


Standard and Custom Data Radios, long range: 250 mW

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No matter how hard you try, energy is used in your business by these three components.

Our solutions allow you to minimize the power to all three, without giving up comfort!



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for energy reduction

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          Zone/Motion Dimmer: Zone your lights with a standard motion detector


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