About us

Peak Demand Automation offers the first low-cost unified energy management system that incorporates both lighting controls, such as day-lighting and occupancy controls for lights, with HVAC controls.

The system is Internet-based, and wireless. The total solution comes at a cost of less than traditional systems for either HVAC or lighting control. It uses a minimal number of proprietary parts and relies on open source networking protocols and standard components. As such it is powerful, expandable and is available at absolutely the lowest cost of any other energy management system available today. In addition to energy management, the system provides a central point form monitoring and acting on air quality. CO2 sensors or air quality sensors can be added and the room’s ventilation can be changed to optimize the air quality and reduce hazardous emissions from respiration or organic evaporation. Our computer energy management software makes it easy to hibernate your computer with Wake-On LAN; so you can retain network management without leaving computers running continuously.


We are located at:

3741 Dell Rd.

You can reach our offices during business hours (8am-6pm M-F PT) at 800-503-1123 or any time at:



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