Room Controller - Multiple inputs and outputs

The Room Controller

Unified Energy management with the Room Controller


•  External sensor ports with up to four sensors (2 analog and two motion/door)

•  Temperature probes: up to ten total 1wire probesAn internal light sensor, uses a smart phone type light sensor.

•  Built in wireless Modbus with 1000 ft indoor radio range for reading and configuration.

•  A microphone for the detection of sound, built in as an alternative to the occupancy detector.

•  A trimpot for calibration of the analog output level.

•  A pushbutton so the analog output can be calibrated.A USB port for computer configuration.

•    CO2: turns on fans if the CO2 rises above a preset level and/or
      if volatile gases are present.
•    Soil Moisture (or any type of analog probe)
•    Occupancy sensor: turns off AC or heat if the space is unoccupied and/or
•    Door/window sensor: if a door or window is open. The fans are unaffected.

External sensor examples:

    Sound and light are built-in
Standard Motion Detectors CO2 or VOC gas detection

Door Sensor

Temperature Sensor

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