Water Saver

The Water Saver is an easy way to save water  
Now you save water, sprinklers only come on if needed.


Save Water and protect your investment in landscaping


The Water Saver






The Water Saver system from Peak Demand Automation uses a computer to determine whether or not your lawn needs watering.
It uses a soil moisture probe which is normally permanently buried into the soil,
to activation of a number of sprinkler valves.
When the moisture probe is in wet soil the valve cannot be turned on.
When the probe is in dry soil the activation of the sprinkler system happens normally.
The Water Saver can be used anywhere, golf courses, cemeteries and public areas, parks and public playgrounds, soccer fields, schools both public and private, high school and college sports stadiums, and of course baseball fields, of course you can use it for your lawn.
Is it dry or is it wet?


See the video  here: Drought Buster

Do your part to save water.

 A single moisture probe can work with many Water Saver devices.

 The water saver works with your existing watering system.

 It uses power from your irrigation controller power the moisture probe

It's an inexpensive and easy solution which can be installed in just minutes for only a few dollars.

The Water Saver uses a moisture probe to enable or inhihit a standard sprinkler system.

        • Any Sprinkler controller
        • Any valves

Manual (pdf file)

Brochure (pdf file)

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