Standard Data Radios

HVAC compatible data radio


RS-485 version radios with wide range power supply:

8-42 VDC or 22-26 VAC

transient (spike) protected

 Longer Range than Zigbee® radios and no potential interference from Wi-Fi.

1000 feet indoors, four miles line of sight!

16 times the coverage of Zigbee®!

Point to Multipoint: long range 900 MHz link to replace cable

No mesh configuration to set up, operate up to 255 radios each in 255 zones!

HVAC Compatible! 24VAC powered (or DC)

Connect RS-485 devices wirelessly in situations where wiring is costly or inconvenient.  It is often more cost effective to use a radio than a hard line. These module uses industry accepted radio modules in the internationally licensed radio bands.  Point to mulitpoint uses 900 Mhz band for longer range, much more reliable than Zigbee or 802.15.4 radios indoors. Comes completely configured for use at 19,200 baud, but can be reprogrammed for any baud rate from 1200 to 115,200 baud.

AC or DC input power means that this radio can use the 24 VAC available at most thermostats, so that a communicating thermostat can replace the existing one and network with an Internet gateway. This is the easiest and lowest cost way to improve the efficiency of an existing building.

Multipoint and BACNet® MS/TP versions available today.

Low cost version, $413/pair

Long range version, $427/pair

Quantity discounts are available for multiple unit purchases.

Comes in two versions, with a built in wire antenna, with an indoor range of 1000 feet, outdoor range of 1.8 miles, or a longe range version with an external antenna and longer range.

No configuration required. Ready to use out of the box.



Includes the SMARTBUS™ networking debug LEDs, which allow instant feedback on the correct operation of the RS-485 bus as well as the radio link.


The green LED flashes when the data is received on the wired bus. The amber LED flashes when data is received by RF.